Last month the Washington State Liquor Control Board (WSLCB) approved the filing of a proposal for supplemental rules that would eventually govern the marijuana industry in the state. The rules, which include controls on topics ranging from public and consumer safety to production, market and advertising limits, are scheduled to be approved in the [...]

The federal government’s announcement several weeks ago that they would not interfere with cannabis laws enacted at a state level was a major milestone for the decriminalization and safe access movements. However, it has left the entire medical cannabis community waiting for clarification about the the official regulatory stance on federally-insured financial institutions being [...]

Safe Access is pleased by the announcement from the federal government that they will not challenge state initiatives relating to recreational or medical marijuana. Coupled with the removal of mandatory minimum sentencing for low-level drug offenders announced last month, maybe now a door to sensible cannabis policy has been opened.

Although we will [...]

This week at Safe Access we would like to spread the word about a popular misconception regarding the medical cannabis industry.

There is a prominent opinion held by anti-medical-marijuana circles that the cannabis plant is ‘unsafe’ for human consumption. We believe this is a manufactured concept that was originally created to oppress the people [...]

We have recently added a new resource page to provide patients quick and easy links to popular review websites so that patients can see what other peoples’ experiences have been like when visiting each of these doctors.

Click here to view the new Seattle doctors page!

Recently we ran a few search engine queries and [...]

Safe Access is proud to offer grow space construction services to medical cannabis patients in the greater Seattle area.

Under Washington State medical marijuana law, patients with valid recommendations from their physicians are able to grow their own cannabis plants. They may also work together to form growing collectives.

At Safe Access, we are able [...]

Safe Access is proud to offer a wide variety of services to our members to improve convenience, privacy, and safety for medical cannabis patients. Our dispensary is founded on the belief that patients who use medical marijuana deserve the best treatment when it comes to accessing their medicine.

We are located just across the [...]

Despite a tide of medical cannabis legalization across the country, as well as the recent passing of recreational-use marijuana laws in Washington and Colorado, the Federal government still deems it necessary to condemn the actions of cooperatives providing necessary medicine to cancer patients and people suffering from other serious illnesses and disabilities. The most [...]

Safe Access is proud to offer MMJ patients some of the best medical cannabis in the Seattle area. We are constantly searching for new top-quality cannabis strains to add to our collection, and have recently made some new additions.

You may always view our menu page on our website, or visit our WeedMaps profile to [...]

Safe Access is proud to announce that our Google plus page is up and running. Also be sure to check out our Facebook and Weedmaps profiles for up-to-date info about our current selection, special sales and discounts, and other news relevant to the medical marijuana scene in Seattle.

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